City Excitement.
World Class Comfort.

Gold Coast Retirement Living. Your Way.

Outside, experience Chicago's famed Gold Coast, with its many cultural, culinary, retail, entertainment and medical destinations.

Inside, experience every thoughtful detail of The Clare, from beautifully designed spaces to top quality service. Be immersed in both comfort and excitement.

Learn all the ways you can live vibrantly at The Clare, including information about the exceptional healthcare provided through Life Care on site at The Terraces.

Life at the Clare
"We moved here less than a year ago and have never looked back."
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Tallest Buildings in Chicago: A Decade-by-Decade Visualization

Ask people about the tallest buildings in Chicago, and the conversation will turn quickly to architecture. Every new high-rise faces the pressure of fitting into the city’s iconic skyline. So what did that process look like over time? In what context was each new building judged? We’ve cataloged the fifty tallest buildings in Chicago and plotted … Continue reading “Tallest Buildings in Chicago: A Decade-by-Decade Visualization”

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