Senior Care in Chicago, IL

Your Wellness. Your Way.

Just as The Clare is redefining retirement living, The Terraces is redefining how health care is experienced, delivered and organized.

More than other care providers, we customize your experience to fit precisely one person: You. Your needs, your preferences and your temperament. What does that mean to you? A more satisfying experience. A more contented stay. And most importantly, a more positive outcome.

Housed in the same magnificent building as The Clare itself, The Terraces feels more like a hotel than a hospital. But make no mistake, the medical care we provide is as unmatched as our luxury. The Terraces has earned multiple 5-star Medicare ratings, boasts a powerful alignment with Northwestern and is staffed so we can deliver significantly more one-on-one care than other providers.

For more information about the services and financial benefits of LifeCare at The Terraces, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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